The Full KB Program My Wife Is Using (and it’s NOT a “woman’s” workout)

I've been married to my wife going on 12 years this June.  She's an amazing woman and someone that I truly admire.

For those of you that don't know, my wife Rozanne and I have 5 kids (and they are ALL ours…because you have to specify that these days).  We have one child, our 13 year-old, in school part-time and the rest of them – ages 8, 6, 4 & 2 – are all home-schooled by none other than my wife.

Obviously I do what I can to help out with the homeschooling, but for the majority of the time, my wife has the lead and I “supplement” with lessons on physical education and kettlebell swinging :-).

She spends almost every waking hour with at least one, if not all 5, of our children…and she LOVES it.  And because she spends ALL of her time with our kids, I can confidently say that we are so incredibly happy with who are kids are as people (so far).

Our kids are compassionate, responsible, self-directed and well-adjusted.  I run into so many parents that are constantly complaining about their children and their attitudes and selfishness and -here are some harsh words – I can't help but wonder who's responsible for it.

After all, they're YOUR kids, right?  (Sorry for the harsh dose of reality).

BUT, this isn't an opinion piece on parenting, so we'll leave it at that.

What this is about, though, is our reality as homeschooling parents.

Because we don't send our kids to school and because they don't leave the house unless we are all together or with each other, my wife has had to get VERY creative with how she stays in shape.  Sometimes it entails getting up with me at 5am to prepare lessons for kids for the day and then training.  And other times it's involved keeping the kids upstairs where kids #2 & #3 do independent work while #1 reads a book to #4 & #5.

Whatever time she decides to train, the truth is that we don't have the luxury of “alone time” or “a moment to catch our breath” as often as some other parents.

Either way, she has made fitness a priority in her life because 1) it makes her look good; 2) it makes her feel good and 3) it gives her oodles of energy to keep up with 5 kids.

Last week I wrote about February being a stressful month for me and no doubt, my wife was feeling the same way.  She could have easily just fallen off the training wagon and conceded to the February “blahs”, but instead she coped, focused on our priorities (which would be our kids) and did what she could with her workouts.

In a timely email early in February from my friend Geoff Neupert, I was sent one of his eBooks, “Kettlebell Express! ULTRA” to review.  In the eBook I found over 45 short, bang-for-your-buck, stress-busting workouts that lasted no longer than 30 minutes (with some only lasting 10 minutes).

When we were deep into our February down-time, I pulled up Kettlebell Express! ULTRA and decided that both my wife and I try a program from it.  We chose the Beyond The Basics 1.1 Program.

With Geoff's permission, I've reprinted that program for you below…


Beyond The Basics (as reprinted from Kettlebell Express! ULTRA)

In the RKC system, we teach the Swing as the basic kettlebell movement. Itʼs the one that all others are built on top of. Master the Swing, and the others are just that much easier to perform. At the RKC Certification, we teach the Instructor Candidates proper Swing mechanics with one kettlebell as the foundation, then we work them up to and test them with the Double Kettlebell Swing to challenge their understanding and grasp of the movement. Not all of them pass.

This is because the Double Swing (DSW) is a challenging and rigorous movement. These are programs using just the DSW.

It looks easy, but, trust me, itʼs not.

• Use a pair or pairs of medium-sized kettlebells.
• Total time commitment: 60 minutes (excluding warm-up).

BTB 1.1
• Use a pair or pairs of light to medium sized kettlebells
• Time commitment: 45 minutes per week (excluding warm ups)

Day 1: DSW
• Sets of 10.
• As many sets as possible in 20 minutes.

Day 2: DSW
• Sets of 20.
• As many sets as possible in 20 minutes.

Day 3: DSW
• Sets of 15.
• As many sets as possible in 20 minutes.

• Perform this program for 6 weeks. Then switch to something else.
• Start week 1 pretty easy. Week 6 should be your hardest week.


That's it.  Each workout lasted no more than 25 minutes.

So without paying any attention to our diet (we ate “normally”), and cutting her training time in half (she usually trains for almost 40 minutes per session), you would think that she would either stagnate or “maintain”.

Not the case.

Instead, she lost 5 lbs.

No diet modifications.  No tricky supplements. No 45 minute marathon sessions.

And she's only on Week 4 of the 6-week program.

Geoff is offering Kettlebell Express! ULTRA as a FR*EE Bonus – only to MY friends – when you purchase his Kettlebell Express! Program.   But in order to get it, you have to use this link…

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Here's that link again…

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Now that I've got access to Express!, you can bet that I'll be using those workouts whenever I feel stressed out or overwhelmed or when I'm just so busy that training is the last thing on my mind (hey, it happens…I'm human too).

And to tell you the truth, I'll be using it a lot in March, mainly because I have a bucket-load of work to catch up on from February.

Have a great day,


P.S. Geoff and I have decided that we're only going to keep the “Friends of Chris” page up until the end of the weekend, so please take advantage and grab your copy today…

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  • Reply March 1, 2012


    Hi Chris,

    excuse me if this seems like a stupid question (I’ve a bad cold :() please clarify,

    are you doing this workout every day? and how many reps in a set?

    Thanks, Gillian

    • Reply March 1, 2012

      Chris Lopez, RKC

      Hi Gillian,
      There are no stupid questions!!! You are doing this workout 3 days per week on non-consecutive days. So, Mon, Wed and Fri taking Tue, Thu and the weekend off for example.

      I hope you feel better soon.

      Lots of fluids,

  • Reply March 1, 2012


    Got it!!-Love it!!

  • Reply March 2, 2012


    I’m confused. It says…

    “Time commitment: 45 minutes per week (excluding warm ups)”

    But under all 3 day’s workout it says, “As many sets as possible in 20 minutes”.

    Obviously, 60 minutes a week is not a lot but I’m confused by the discrepancy.

  • Reply March 3, 2012

    Kevin Nesbitt

    I down loaded and printed these two ebooks but on looking through them I can’t find and links to the actual exercises themselves, without these the ebooks might as well be written in code. I need to physically SEE what these exercises are and how to do them. Have I missed some thing?

  • Reply March 4, 2012

    John Bohlig

    Great piece. And Chris, You have a wonderful family! As one Dad to another, how old should a child be to use KBs? Thanks, Pop! LOL!

  • Reply March 10, 2012


    I don’t really think there ”women’s workouts” when it comes to kettlebells…I mean, no matter how you would use it. it’s still will be tough!

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