The ONE Change I Made In My Workouts To Lose An Inch Around My Belly in 10 Days

The Revolution of Simple.

The Revolution of Simple.

I've been on a muscle-building quest for the past 3 weeks.

I've been recording my workouts and have been getting better and lifting heavier EACH AND EVERY TIME!

It's been great and I feel like I have more energy, I feel better about myself and, from an esthetic standpoint, I look a lot better and I've gained 3lbs.

The biggest surprise is that in 10 days, I've dropped an inch off my waist…without doing ANY cardio at all and not really watching what I eat.

The major tweak that I made was to try to be even more efficient and to add a small metabolic element to my workout. Truthfully, I thought the grip-work aspect was boring and didn't want to do wrist curls, so instead, I substituted heavy kettlebell swings.

The truth is, swings with a 72lb kettlebell is really tough on my grip AND it gives me the added metabolic effect that was probably responsible for me losing that inch of fat around my waist.

I finished each lower body workout (either a squat or a deadlift was the main movement) with 100KB swings. The goal was to do 100 in as little sets as possible. Once I reached the goal of doing 100 in a row without stopping, I upped the rep goal by 25.

Well guess what? In addition to working my grip (because it's damn hard holding on to a 72lb KB when you're swinging it 100 times), I was also out of breath and sweating like I had been running hills.

A double whammy. Fat loss & muscle building. Who said that it couldn't be done simultaneously?

I love Jason's approach to building muscle and his philosophy towards training is similar to mine – low volume, using only bang-for-your-buck exercises, break records, work hard, eat clean and get enough rest & recovery.

Plain. Simple. Uncomplicated.

So I've got 3 more weeks on this muscle building quest. Hopefully by then this last hit of winter in Toronto would have cleared up and I can start taking my kettlebells & sled outside for some workouts!

Have a great day guys!

Welcome to the revolution,

Chris Lopez, CSCS, CTT


  • Reply August 27, 2009


    Hi Chris,

    TT and kettlebell workouts what a great combo. I have just recently (in the last few months) started using kettlebells and love the workouts. After being strictly into weight training for almost 40 years kettlebells are a great alternative.

    I am as I’m writing this downloading your free reports. Thank You.

    I look forward to future posts from you.

    Joe Gagliano

  • Reply August 27, 2009


    Thanks for the report…the workout video’s will not play on my windows machine…assume they are for ipods only (.mov)…would be nice to have them playable in windows?!

    • Reply September 6, 2009

      Richard Denker

      Download the free program Any Video Converter. Follow the really easy instructions to convert the .mov file to a .wmv file which plays in Windows. You can convert any of the common file extensions to any other file extension with this great FREE program. BTW you can also download the files as .avi files which are smaller than .mov files and are supposed to play in Windows. However, I downloaded them as .avi files and they wouldn’t play. I converted the .avi files to .wmv and they play just fine.

  • Reply August 27, 2009

    Chris Lopez, CSCS, CTT

    @Joe – Hey Joe, thanks for the kind words. Yes, we’ll have some really exciting stuff coming in the next few weeks! Stay tuned and keep in touch!


  • Reply August 27, 2009

    Chris Lopez, CSCS, CTT

    @Paul – Hey Paul, I’m going to send over a Windows compatible version to my webmaster and make it available for upload. As soon as that’s done, I’ll send you the link. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • Reply August 29, 2009


    Hi, the link you sent to the free report, etc. isn’t working. It only takes me to a page with a banner heading and no downloadable content. Please resend, or let me know what I should do to view the free report and workouts. Thanks – I look forward to trying the kettlebells.


  • Reply August 30, 2009

    Henrik "Hea" Andersson

    Thank you, Chris! The free videos and PDF are awesome! I can’t wait for the upcoming videos/programs. 😉
    Is there a full program coming too?

    To all who are having trouble viewing the videos in Windows:
    Download the VLC media player – it plays (almost) EVERYTHING. 🙂

    Thanks again.


  • Reply September 2, 2009


    Great suggestion! Guess I’ll get a “big boy” and work on finishing workouts with this.

  • Reply September 3, 2009


    Hey Chris,

    Been incorporating KB into my workouts since, like you, time is premium…but so is Life! After downloading your videos, including them in my next workout….Sweeet!! Had a Smashin’ workout, more energy, and actually less time. Now that Rocks!

    Thanks Chris and enjoy a Super day!


    PS, enjoyed your video with Craig, and this one too.
    Looking forward to the next one to get inspired by it. 🙂

  • Reply September 11, 2009


    Hey Chris

    I am trying to watch the videos but they aren’t working. How do I get them to work?

  • Reply September 15, 2009


    Hey Chris,

    Thanks to this article, I did heavy swings after my resistance training with KB’s in the same 100 rep fashion at the end of my workouts.

    I just wanted to report that, I too, lost an inch off my waist in a week!

    Thanks for the advice! Awesome. That one tweak in my training is really starting to melt off the fat! Heavy Swings!

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