The ONE Time I Wished I Was a Meathead

Nice-muscles-fattyBack when I used to work at a swanky training studio in Downtown Toronto, I used to hang out with “The Meathead Crew”.

The meathead crew were 2 guys – Craig (whom you may know) and Anthony (my deadlifting partner and the current strength coach for the local pro hockey team in town).

Craig & Anthony used to scare people when they trained at the little swanky studio.

I remember one time while I was teaching a client how to do a kettlebell swing, Anthony walks in with these 50lb chains. He attaches them to the end of a bench press bar – outside of the 225lbs that was already on it – and the meathead crew would go to work on their dynamic effort days.

In fact, I think Anthony still holds the unofficial record for best deadlift wearing Lululemon Yoga Pants (495lbs) in a swanky Toronto Personal Training Studio.

All the while, I’m training a very wealthy housewife in the corner of the studio who doesn’t want to do more than 8kg on a kettlebell swing – it’s a hinge, lady, NOT a squat.

“Oh, how I wished I was a Meathead too”, thought I, as I watched my friends grunt and be one with their strength.

The Meathead Crew were notorious for doing things unconventionally…at least at the time.

One day Craig walks in with these 2 straps with metal handles on them. Blast straps.

Then, he and his meathead compadre proceed to do push-ups, setting the handles at the lowest point on the ground, while Meathead #2 holds a 45lb plate on his back.

Being a bodyweight training junkie, I am immediately intrigued.

After my client for that hour, I jump in and do a set of push-ups.


Since then, I’ve used suspension training as a way to get more out my programming both for myself and my clients.

I think it’s a great compliment to Kettlebell Training.

For example, give this KB & TRX Complex a try today…

Perform the following complex doing 5 reps of each exercise.
Do not rest between exercises.
Rest for 90s after completing the complex.
Perform the complex 3-5 times.

1. C&P x 5 per side
2. TRX Assisted Pistol x 5 per side
3. TRX Bodyweight Row x 5
4. TRX Face Pull x 5
5. Snatch x 5 per side

It gets pretty intense once you get to the 3rd or 4th time through.

Try to only use the TRX for assistance on the Pistols…don’t pull your self up with your arms (although you may need to after the 3rd time around).

Also, the Face Pull is killer after the rows, so you may need to step back a little to reduce the leverage. The lower you are to the ground, the harder it will be for both the rows and face pulls.

HangAndBurnCOVERThere’s a new program out by my buddy, Dan Long (who’s 40 years young and looks like he’s got the physique of a 22 year old wide receiver).

I met Dan in Miami back in January and since that time he’s given me some cool ideas on how to use my suspension training (I still have an original pair of Blast Straps and I now own a TRX that I travel with on occasion).

Check out the video HERE to meet Dan…

=>Meet Dan “Kill Mode” Long HERE

…and if you happen to pick up his program (that’s being promoted right now), send me your receipt, and I’ll send you a copy of TT Kettlebell Hang & Burn – my take on Kettlebell & Suspension Hybrid Training.

If you do one thing today – that is, if you train in a gym – give suspension training a try.

It’ll give you a new appreciation for bodyweight training.

Have an awesome day,

P.S. Just send your receipt to KettlebellWorkouts(at)Gmail(dot)com with “Hang & Burn” in the subject line and we’ll send you the program right away.

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