QnA: Can I Train In The Fasted State?

Today's first question comes from my old highschool friend and volleyball buddy Justin who asks…

Q: Chris, I recently went back to your Intermittent Fasting videos. Is it ok to workout during the fasting portion?
Thanks, Justin
-Atlanta, GA

A: Hey Justin, how's the family?  It's great to hear from you!
Absolutely, training while in the fasted state is something I actually encourage.  In my experience, there's something primal that comes about when you train in the fasted state.  I actually have a tendency to set PRs while I'm fasted.  (I deadlifted 315lbs for the first time while fasted back in 2008).
But don't just listen to me, take the advice of my good friend and Intermittent Fasting Expert, Brad Pilon who goes deeper and talks about WHEN we should exercise while fasting…

...we could be optimizing the fat burning potential of over 2,000 calories by starting our fasts with exercise (as opposed to ending our fasts with exercise).

The benefits would be two fold:

Firstly – for all the people who fret about their pre-workout BCAA‘s or Arginine, or Protein or whatever this is now a non issue…take what ever you want, your not fasting…You’d be omitting your post-workout meal, but I doubt this would be an issue for most people.

Secondly – by working out at the beginning of your fast you technically SHOULD enter the fasted state earlier, so you’d have higher levels of fat burning, higher Growth Hormone levels and lower Insulin levels.
In the end, I think we are talking about the ‘nickles and dimes’ of a thousand dollar deal, but nonetheless it is worth considering…if you are the type of person who frets over when to train, training at the beginning of your fasts may be a logical option.

But as always, the most important thing is not when you are fasting and exercising, but simply that you ARE fasting and exercising.

I'll be hanging out with Brad here in San Diego where we're both be teaching at the Turbulence Training Summit.  In the meantime, check out Brad's book EatSTOPEat.  The absolute BEST resource available on Intermittent Fasting.

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