[VIDEO] A Better Way to Grip Your KBs

As overprotective as I am as a parent – just ask my 4 daughters – I may be even slightly more overprotective of my shoulders.

With that being said, I’m always interested in ways to optimize my training to 1) improve my kettlebell practice and 2) keep myself and my “peeps” (that’d be YOU) from getting injured.

At my RKC Level 2 weekend back in October 2012, my good buddy Geoff Neupert enlightened the entire group with a NEW and better way of how we hold our KBs when we perform our ballistics – swings, snatches & cleans.

Traditionally, we were taught to internally rotate our arm as we swung our kettlebells through our knees and before we explosively contracted our glutes to swing, snatch or clean our kettlebells.

The problem is that as soon as we internally rotate on the backswing, our shoulders become “unpacked” and automatically become vulnerable because we get disconnected from our lat.

So with every back swing, we’re forced to reconnect.

That’s not as big an issue when you’re staying in a lower rep range. It will take a little more concentration to think “re-pack my shoulder” every time the KB swings through your knees.

BUT, when we get to the higher rep ranges – like if you were doing a snatch test – and fatigue starts to accumulate, “re-packing your shoulder” will not be at the top of your priority list.

So what if we could keep our shoulder safe throughout an entire set?

Well, in the video below, I teach you how to do that…

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