Lesson 4 – EXPLODING: The Drive

The DRIVE is what makes the Push Press, THE PUSH PRESS (and how you get the weight vertical in the JERK).

After making the kettlebell float with the Dip, you are going to tense up and “catch” the kettlebell at its peak and DRIVE it overhead.

For a lot of lifters, a sticking point in the strict overhead press is getting the kettlebell off the chest out of the rack.

The DIP takes care of that obstacle because it uses momentum to get the kettlebell up in that initial phase.

The DRIVE then, is where we finish the movement.

The DRIVE is really simple.

Once the kettlebell is floating…

  1. “catch” it at its peak
  2. get tight and
  3. DRIVE it overhead like you’re punching the ceiling.

The most challenging thing about the Drive is knowing when the “peak” is and when to initiate the “punch” finish of the kettlebell overhead.

Don’t overthink this.

Just focus on keeping your cylinder tight and punching through and the Push Press will be easy.