The Double Push Press vs The Double Jerk: What’s BEST For What?

The Double Kettlebell Push Press or The Double Kettlebell Jerk?

Which one is better for power?

Which one is better for fat loss?

Which one is better for strength?

The answer – as always – is “it depends”.

Both have incredible benefits.

In the Hardstyle Kettlebell world, they say…

“What you can’t (Military) PRESS, you PUSH Press. And what you can’t Push Press, you JERK”

Thing is though…

Each exercise can have a very specific application.

Should you do both?


But here are the main differences and applications for each…

Double KB Push Press

  • “Dip – DRIVE”
  • Good for quick, explosive, vertical movements (like jumping for a rebound in basketball or blocking in volleyball)
  • Less coordination involved
  • Good “bridge” exercise to learn the jerk
  • Ideal to help develop the press and training to hand maximal loads overhead

Double KB JERK

  • “Dip – Drive – DROP”
  • Extra drop gives an added metabolic element to the exercise
  • Coordination & excellent thoracic mobility needed to execute this exercise properly and safely
  • Ideal for conditioning and strength… the jerk is a “one stop shop” exercise
  • Less carryover to the strict Military Press than the Push Press

So Which One is Better?

If you’re trying to develop your pressing strength and want a good carry-over to the military press, then the Push Press is what you should practice.

Also, the push press lends itself to more vertical athletic applications like jumping.

If you want a FULL BODY, metabolic exercise that will build BOTH strength and develop conditioning (and will burn a tonne of calories in the process), THE JERK (or even better, the Long Cycle Clean & Jerk) would be your exercise.

Regardless, BOTH are essential in your Kettlebell Exercise arsenal and it would serve you well to learn, practice and master both.

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