The Get-Up

Some consider the Get Up to be the PERFECT exercise.

Rightfully so, the Get Up consists of all 5 Human Movement Patterns…

  • Push
  • Pull
  • Hinge
  • Squat
  • Carry

The Get Up is also one of the best exercises to bulletproof your shoulders as your shoulders work to stabilize itself under various angles while bearing load.

The following lessons will teach you how to do the Get Up properly…

Lesson 1: The “Naked” Get Up

Before we pick up a kettlebell, we have to make sure that we understand each step of the Get Up (there are 14 of them).

So before we take on external resistance, we have to make sure that we can handle our own bodyweight.

Lesson 2: The Get Up Proper

When you have a weight overhead, the thing to remember is that wherever your eyes go, the kettlebell will go.

So it’s critical to your success (and safety) to keep your eyes fixed on the KB as you perform the Get Up. The only time that this isn’t necessary is when you’re vertically upright during the last 2 steps of the Get Up.

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