TUTORIAL: The AB Exercise You Should Do EVERYDAY

This ab exercise is part of my “Minimalist Warm-Up” and should be done everyday.

It is, of course, The Dead Bug.

If you’ve never done Dead Bugs before, you’re about to teach your “Dear ABbies” how to prime themselves for learning to crawl and perform higher-level cross-lateral movements – movements that will re-invigorate your vestibular system.

The Vestibular System is the sensory system that provides the leading contribution to the sense of balance and spatial orientation for the purpose of coordinating movement with balance.

This exercise is best done BEFORE training to “fire up” your abs and get them ready for movement.

For those who already do them, you probably find them pretty easy because, well, they’re pretty easy by their very nature.

They’re not a one rep max sort of exercise – they’re meant (among other things) as a wake-up call to your abs to remind them of what their job is – reflexively supporting YOU.

When you do the Dead Bug, just focus on reaching for the sky with your legs.

This will reflexively contract your abs without you having to “brace”.

We want to make this “easy” for your body, so thinking about bracing your abs is not ideal because when you move in everyday life, ab function should occur automatically… not consciously…

…that’s the sign of a highly functional vestibular system!

Next, as you lower the leg, the leg that remains in the “UP” position should still be reaching high for the sky.

Try to perform an entire set by diaphragmically breathing through your nose.

Perform 20 total reps, alternating 10 per side.