The Kettlebell Clean:
How to STOP Banging Your Forearm & Wrist

The Kettlebell Clean is an essential and powerful exercise.

Unlike what many people may think, The Kettlebell Clean is more than just a method to get the kettlebell into the rack before you take it overhead.

Training for power with the Ballistic Kettlebell Exercises (like the Clean, Snatch & Swing) is about more than just trying to lift weights quickly.

Power training (with exercises like The Kettlebell Clean) is about learning how to be aware of your position and posture in space AND learning how to grade and absorb force as well.

Great athletes know how to work at different speeds – when to turn it on – and how to absorb force to create more power.

More people get hurt stopping than starting, so learning the concept of force absorption is just as important as learning how to produce force.

The Kettlebell Clean is a great exercise for teaching BOTH force production and force absorption.

One of the most frustrating things about learning The Kettlebell Clean is trying to avoid “banging” your forearm with the kettlebell as you try to secure the kettlebell in the rack.

kettlebell clean how to not bang your wrist

Pavel Tsatsouline – the “God Father” of the Modern Day Kettlebell Movement – showing “The Rack” position

Because of that, some people avoid kettlebell training all together.

But just like every kettlebell exercise, you must take a PRACTICE mentality when you train and attempt to get better and better at the skill.

It’s not the clean that’s hurting you or bruising your wrist… it’s just that you haven’t taken the time to practice the skill.

In this video, I’ll show you how prevent the “banging” and how to keep your forearm bruise free and your shoulder and elbow healthy and strong.