Everyday Carry PLUS!

A Single Kettlebell Ballistic and Loaded Carry Workout

This is a variation on my Everyday Carry Loaded Carry Workout.

In this session we’re adding some kettlebell ballistics at the beginning of every carry to get some Fast Twitch Muscle Fibre stimulation.

***Remember, fast twitch muscle is The Fountain of Youth***

Training with ballistics is the perfect compliment to the isometric holding of the kettlebell while you’re walking.

It’s the perfect contrast of FAST & SLOW.

With the ballistics – swing, clean, snatch – you’re moving the kettlebells explosively lighting up all the muscles in your body.

With the Loaded Carries the kettlebells are static (isometric) while you’re walking with them.

Push, Pull, Hinge, Squat, Walk/Run/1-Leg, Twist/Resist

Everything that we do to move as humans can be summed up in those 6 movement patterns.

When coming up with “good workouts” then, you should incorporate as many of these movement patterns as you can to make sure your bases are all covered.

So with this workout, you’ll cover 5 out of the 6 patterns (everything except a squat)…

  • Snatches are a Push, Pull & Hinge
  • Cleans & Swings are a Hinge & Pull
  • All loaded carries cover Gait or a Single Leg Pattern
  • And since you’re only using 1 kettlebell, you are covering the Twist/Resist pattern
  • If you want to complete this workout, do some Goblet Squats at the end (or do them at the beginning for a Warm-Up)

Give this workout a shot and leave a comment below to let me know what you think!

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