How To Warm-Up For Your Kettlebell Workout

The Ageless & Athletic Minimalist Warm-Up

Do these 5 things and you’ll be ready to go while other people are still “foam rolling”

Warming up before training shouldn’t take a long time.

Truthfully, humans were meant to “get up and go”… no warm-up, no stretching.

But our current Western lifestyle of constantly sitting and very little physical activity has made our bodies immobile and prone to injury.

But if you life an active lifestyle already, then warming up for 30 minutes before your workout isn’t necessary.

Just follow this protocol and you’ll be set to go.

Step 1 – The Hollow Hang x 30 seconds

Hollow Hang For Kettlebell TrainingThe hollow hang will decompress your spine and open up the spaces between your vertebrae to allow your nervous system to function optimally for strength training.

Step 2 – KB Get Up x 1L+1R

The Get Up is a primal movement that will serve you all the way through your last decade of life.

Your ability to get up off the ground unassisted will give you the physical strength & confidence to perform tasks as you get older.

Step 3 – Jump Rope x 30 seconds

Jump Rope For Kettlebell TrainingJumping Rope will elevate your core body temperature and prepare your body for more ballistic movements like snatches, cleans & swings.

Step 4 – Prying Goblet Squat with Neck Nods x 30 seconds

Prying Goblet Squat For Kettlebell TrainingThe Prying Goblet Squat will open up your hips will prime the squat pattern.

Incorporating Neck Nods will loosen up your neck and shoulder area for overhead movements and exercises like Presses, Snatches & Jerks.

Step 5 – Dead Bugs x 30s

Dead Bug For Kettlebell TrainingThe Dead Bug is the single best ab exercise.

Doing a Dead Bug in your warm-up will allow you to “fire up” your midsection/abs/core which is essential for energy transfer from your upper body to your lower body.

Kettlebell training is full body and a lot of the exercises require us to use both our upper and lower body at the same time.

Having a strong and good functioning centre is KEY to getting stronger with kettlebells.

To sum up, here is the ideal warm-up…

The #AlphaDAD Minimalist Warm-Up

Perform each exercise in a “circuit” format for 30s each.

  • Hollow Hang x 30s
  • Get-Up x 1L+1R
  • Jump Rope x 30s
  • Prying Goblet Squat w/Neck Nods x 30s
  • Dead Bug x 30s

Repeat the circuit 3 times for a 6-minute warm-up.


Stretch your hip flexors for 30 seconds per side.

Hip Flexor Stretch For Kettlebell Training

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