For Better Results Do THIS in between your sets

For Better Results Do THIS in between your sets

I miss my double kettlebells.

Here in Costa Rica I’ve got a 24kg and 32kg… which are more than sufficient.

But as a guy who loves Double KB work, I really miss not using them.

The other day I was on the phone with our good friend Geoff Neupert.

We chat at least once per month and also banter over text message from time to time.

Yesterday we spent some time talking about Kettlebell Strong: The Definitive Guide to DOUBLE Kettlebell Training.

One of the things that I’ve found that works with The “STRONG” Program in KBStrong, is playing around with OS Resets between sets.

Those of you that have done “The STRONG Program”, know that there’s a day of practice where you focus on doing 10 sets – those are the “LIGHT” days.

When I was doing my 10 x 1 days with the 32kgs, I would use OS Resets in between each set to determine which Reset “fed” my strength the best.

Because you’re doing minimal reps – especially on the LIGHT DAY of Phase 1 & 2 of STRONG – you can really take that time to dial in your technique and see which Reset allows you to make your Clean & Press seem easier.

For example, for me, something like Commando Rocking…

…works really well in helping my 32s feel light.

(Probably because the “commando” position simulates holding a pair of KBs in the rack).

But, when I did lower body segmental rolls, I actually got worse and the KBs felt really heavy.

Neck nods worked well too.

But neck turns did not.

(Ironically, when I did neck turns with SINGLE KB pressing, they provided better output than neck turns).

Dead Bugs were like magic…

…But Bird Dogs didn’t do anything.

So now on my Heavy Days, I know that commando rocking, neck nods and dead bugs “fed” my strength and I would use those Resets to make each set better.

And this kind of stuff does NOT have to just be used for KB Strong.

You can use them for ANY program in between sets.

And keep in mind that the results are specific to the individual…

…commando rocking MIGHT NOT work for you (or it could be a Magic Bullet).

My suggestion is that you use your LIGHT loading days to experiment and see what works…

…and then file that away in your Mental OS Rolladex, so that you can refer back to them on your HEAVY days.

You do have LIGHT and HEAVY days in your program, right?
You’re not just training balls-to-the-wall everyday, right? 🙂

If you are (training balls-to-the-wall everyday), then it sounds like you need a structured program that teaches how to wave your loads properly.

My suggestion is that you check out Kettlebell Alpha if you’re just starting with Double Kettlebell Work

Get KBAlpha HERE.

…and then move into Kettlebell STRONG!

If you’ve been working with Doubles for a while now, then KBStrong is a MUST HAVE.

Seriously, Pavel’s built his SFG Level 2 Certification around the principles of Geoff Neupert’s KB Strong.

Get KBStrong HERE.

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