Fountain of Youth:

The Double Kettlebell & Bodyweight Training
Muscle Building COACHING Program

As we age, the importance – literally it is a Life and Death struggle – about the need for hypertrophy (building muscle) can’t be minimized.

 I honestly argue that it’s so important that mistakes here can be fatal…

…simply look at what happens when many people slip and break something after a certain age.

 Moreover, Hypertrophy and joint mobility are THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH.”
-Dan John

Strength Coach, Author, Master KB Instructor

Now that you’ve read my Muscle Building Ethos, you’ve got a roadmap and tool chest for you go on your own Muscle Building quest.

Putting on muscle and training your fast twitch fibres, as you’ve learned, will allow you to…

  • regain your youth by packing on some explosive muscle
  • increase testosterone & growth hormone
  • improve your insulin sensitivity and
  • give you back your vitality & vigour again

Over the previous pages, I’ve given enough concrete insights & information to go and build yourself a solid, effective program…

…if you’re willing to experiment a bit.

Some people enjoy the trial-and-error experience of figuring out the “finer details”.

If that’s you, awesome. I wish you all the best and I’m here for your support.

But please, if you remember ONE THING, remember that…

“TRAINING must GIVE you more than it takes from you.”

Remember, you can’t do things the way you did them when you were 20.

It just doesn’t work that way anymore… the rules are different now.

There’s more to it now than just “go as hard as I can”.

Of course, there’s other stuff you don’t know yet…

Stuff that sometimes only 2 decades of “in the trenches” experience as a strength coach will know and teach to his athletes & clients.

My Fountain of Youth Coaching Program is 16 weeks long and has a few more “moving parts”.

If you’re wondering if F.O.Y. will even work for your unique situation…

It will. 100%. No questions.

If you’re over the age of 35 and are looking for a way to stave off the aging process without being a slave to workouts…

— and know how to use a pair of kettlebells can do some push-ups (and are willing to do chin-ups) —

Then congratulations, FOY is for YOU.

The Program

Fountain of Youth is a 16-week Muscle Building Coaching Program that uses Double Kettlebell and Compound Bodyweight specifically to BUILD MUSCLE and STRENGTH in adults over the age of 35.

F.O.Y. is a minimalist program that focuses on using the Foundational Double Kettlebell Exercises, and integrated, full body bodyweight exercises.

F.O.Y. was designed with your life in mind.

Unlike traditional bodybuilding programs where you have to dedicate hours daily of split body part training…

F.O.Y. is a 3-day-per-week Minimalist Systemic Overload Program that focuses on full body training sessions to initiate the growth of muscle on the ENTIRE SYSTEM (not just individual bodyparts/muscles).

Here’s a Breakdown of How Your 16-Weeks on the FOY Program is Structured…

[+] Phase 1 focuses on Mechanical Tension.

It’s 6 weeks long that’s separated into 2 “micro-phases” of 3 weeks each.

You will be training 4 days per week in Phase 1.

[+] Phase 2 focuses on Muscle Damage.

In this phase we emphasized “forced” overload and a deeper stretched position of bodyweight exercises.

Similar to Phase 1, it’s 6 weeks long with 2 x 3 week “micro-phases”. You will also train 4 days per week in Phase 2.

[+] Phase 3 is an “intensification” phase that focuses on Metabolic Stress.

This final phase is 4 weeks long where you will train 3 days per week.

We will focus on specific methods and training techniques to both increase the metabolic response and maintain the strength gains you achieved in the first 2 phases.

As you can see FOY strategically follows the “3 Phases of Muscle Building” as outlined in the Muscle Building Ethos.

Within the 16-Week Program and emphasis will be made on proper technique, proper recovery and proper nutrition.

This program is NOT about going “balls to the wall”…

…it’s about using correct science to get results.

And Here’s What You Get With The COMPLETE “Fountain of Youth” 16-Week Muscle Building Coaching Program…

[+] 16 Weeks of Scientifically Designed Kettlebell & Bodyweight Programming

Each phase of the program is designed to build into the next phase using the 3 Principle of Muscle Building.

You’ll receive PDF training sheets to record and keep track of all your sessions.

Each Phase of the program will be released exactly ONE WEEK BEFORE the start of the next phase.

So you’ll receive Phase 1a IMMEDIATELY after purchase. Then in 2 weeks, you’ll receive Phase 1b. Etc…

[+] COMPLETE Instructional Training Videos For Each Phase of the Program

And you’ll also get access to technique training videos to “dial-in” your double kettlebell technique.

[+] Strategic #AlphaDAD Over 40 Muscle Building Diet

Unlike traditional “see food” muscle building diets, the #AlphaDAD Diet will allow you to put on muscle while staying/getting lean.

We do this through strategic macronutrient and calorie manipulation.

The best part about the #AlphaDAD Diet is that the leaner you get, THE MORE YOU CAN EAT!

[+] NEW! 6 x LIVE Group Coaching Calls with Chris Lopez

At the beginning of each phase, you will get a LIVE 90 minute coaching call.

During this call, Chris will teach a training, nutrition or lifestyle concept as it relates to the phase of training you are in.

At the end of the lesson Chris will do a live QnA to answer any questions you may have about the program.

All calls will be recorded and if you cannot make the call, you can submit your questions via email.

[+] NEW! 16-Week Access to the #AlphaDAD ELITE Community

The #AlphaDAD ELITE is a Community of Like-Minded men that train for strength and believe in supporting each other throughout their journey

Current members of #AlphaDAD ELITE pay $99/month to be a member which gives them monthly programming, direct support, lifestyle & nutrition specifics, monthly challenges and a group coaching call.

With your enrolment in the Fountain of Youth Coaching Program, you’ll get access to the #AlphaDAD ELITE for the full 16-Weeks of your program.

OK, let’s talk about price…

Please bear with me here.

I’m not one for hyperbole or massaging the numbers to make it seem like my hourly rate is a gazillion dollars for 1 hour of my time.

The prices I’m about to present to you are all TRUE and accurate prices.

Here is how each element of FOY breaks down…

  • The ORIGINAL 12-Week F.O.Y. Program released in 2018 was sold for $77.
  • The #AlphaDAD Diet (which is brand new and isn’t available yet) sells for $40.
  • As a 1-on-1 client to book a coaching call with me is $350/month.
  • AND Access as a paying MEMBER to the #AlphaDAD ELITE Community is $99/month (so that’s $396 for 16-weeks or 4 months)

When you add all of that up, the TOTAL is $867.

But to participate in the Newly Released Fountain of Youth Coaching Program, the cost is…

4 payments of $59/month

With this version of F.O.Y., I’ve done everything I can to ensure your success.

You’ll have everything you need…

  • Scientifically designed training programs
  • A Simple & Effective Nutrition Plan that still allows you to eat your favourite foods
  • Coaching Calls with me at the start of every phase so that you have the proper guidance on how to conduct your training sessions
  • And a community of like-minded men that are going through this journey with you

The only thing I can’t do, are your squats (yes, there are squats in the program!).

If you have any questions, please let me know. I’m here for your support and want to make sure you have everything you need.

And if you’re ready to get started, I’m waiting for you on the other side.

Enrol in FOY: 4 payments of $59>>

Chris Lopez Over 40 Kettlebell Training

If you’re still on the fence, below are a few (unsolicited) emails from REAL customers who have gone through FOY.

Real guys, all over 35 years old… some over 60yrs old.

After your transformation, I’d love to display your feedback 😉.

Some Props 👊🏽 for F.O.Y.


“Simple, not easy… AND Effective!”


“I know I could get 10 reps without a problem now!”


Mark increased his Chin-Up & Dip Numbers in Just 4 weeks…

Steve couldn’t press 22kgs… After 4 weeks he could press them 3x!!!

David lost 14lbs around his midsection.