How Your Abs Work…

Let’s get something straight before we get into the bulk of today’s email… 

The function of your abs is NOT to bring your ribcage to your pelvis – as in a sit-up or crunch motion.


Let’s think for a second…


If that were the function of your abs, then your low back would act as a “hinge” joint – like your knee.


What muscle allows your knee to flex?


It’s your hamstrings – 3 long, smooth, tube like muscles that run from just above your pelvis to just below your knee joint.


So now, take a look at a good set of abs…


8-Pack at 44yrs old


Notice how the striations go both vertically (like your hamstring) AND horizontally?


They’re shaped like that because they are supposed to NOT allow any movement –


They are anti-movement muscles…


…Or more specifically, anti-Torsion muscles.


Your abs are there to transfer force and to prevent your “core” – the midsection of your body – from leaking energy.


Think about sprinters for a moment.


They have incredibly powerful legs (obviously).


Their upper bodies are equally impressive (have you seen the guns and shoulders on those guys)?


But probably even more impressive are their abs.




Well when the start gun goes off, what’s the first thing these guys do?


They fire out of the blocks and their arms start working.


The POWER they exert while pumping their arms directly affects the speed and power expressed in their legs.


Don’t believe me?


You try running with your arms tied to the side of your body.


With those powerful shoulders and arms pumping, an incredible twisting force is being created… this is called torsion.


And that force gets transferred into each leg on the opposite side of each arm – this is the “X” relationship that I always talk about and is why crawling patterns are such a great way to train your “X”.


OK so here’s the thing with your abs…


IF you allow excessive twisting when you’re sprinting, you will not go as fast AND WORSE you’re causing unnecessary strain on your low back.


Remember how I said your abs are there as anti-rotators… to resist torsion? <=that is their natural function.


Well, if you are pumping your arms and you end up twisting because your abs aren’t strong enough or are dysfunctional because they don’t fire properly, then you LOSE ENERGY and FORCE which will not get transferred into your legs…


That means, LESS POWER, LESS SPEED, more twisting force acting on your lower back and a higher potential for injury.


All because…


A. You don’t train your abs properly;




B. You eat foods that inflame your gut causing your ab muscles to be dysfunctional (the nerves that control the organs that absorb your food are the same nerves that control your abs – that’s human physiology… look it up 🙂


OR, if you’re like the majority of the population…


C. A combination of the A & B.


So what should you do?


1. Train your abs to RESIST MOVEMENT <=the correct way to train your abs




2. Get rid of the unnatural bloated look by eating the right foods and eliminating the ones that cause inflammation of your gut. <=the problem affecting most of Western Society


Go HERE to get the program that tackles BOTH.




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Pura Vida,



P.S. You’ll get some bonus manuals and I’ll be honest, I don’t care much for the “Perfect Butt Solution” bonus manual…


Just do your squats, swings and sprint some hills and you can get rid of a flat pancake a$$…


BUT there is a Bonus Manual called “Fix & Flatten” which is a 7-Day Gut Healing Protocol that literally transform how you look by just making some minor tweaks to your diet.


Remember, you can have a great set of abs, but if they’re dysfunctional because you’ve got a bad gut (your stomach, intestines and other innards don’t work properly), then you won’t see your abs.


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