If You’re Stuck, You’re Probably Making These Mistakes… Here’s How To FIX Them

by: Martine Kerr, SFG-TL
blog: http://www.kultfitness.com/blog/

agitation1You’ve acknowledged that the path you’ve been following is NOT leading you to where you want to be, let alone in the right direction.

Maybe you’re tired of being unhappy with how you feel, move and look.

Maybe your goals have changed and you’re looking at a new path.

And you’re ready to take ACTION and make lasting changes toward this new path.

And I’m going to help you get to your “THERE” (by “THERE” I mean your goal, your ideal fitness level or ideal body) by avoiding the three most common missteps people take when looking to change their lives through fitness, exercise and strength…

Mistake #1 – Waiting for “the plan”.

Let me ask you, How much of a plan do you really need?
Let’s get this straight. You know that you are HERE now, and as a good fitness coach I’d have collected baseline data, before pictures and measurements (not so much to feed my spreadsheet junkie self but to help us recognize progress and make adjustments along the way). You also need to know what your THERE looks like, feels like, and is.

That usually means setting clear goals rather than wishy-washy “I want to be fitter” statements.

Here’s the thing…

We fitness coaches love baselines and goals because they directly feed into programs that impact you. We also love them because they help us show you progress (and how smart we are) to keep you motivated.

But I’m debunking the whole “failing to plan is planning to fail” fallacy when it comes to early progress in a fitness transformation.

More important than dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s is to start taking positive actions TODAY, and then again tomorrow.

More important than dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s is to start taking positive actions TODAY, and then again tomorrow.

Done consistently, these positive actions will help you “get fitter.”

Sure you may soon wish that you’d had those baselines…they are proof after all of change! But honestly how you feel inside and how you look when you take your shirt off at the beach or how your best pair of jeans fit is also proof. You can always take measurements from your new HERE.

It’s never too late.

Three daily POSITIVE ACTIONS you can start today…

    1. Drink more water.

      Minimum 2L or 8 x 8oz glasses; preferably 3L or 12 x 8oz glasses.Yes water.Not juice, smoothies, soda (diet or otherwise), milk or anything caffeinated.Water.Add a squeeze of lemon, orange or even mint leaves.

      Sea salt is great too – in fact, recommended.

    2. Eat more vegetables and eat them first.8 servings of green, yellow, red, orange…a rainbow of colours.Eat them before fruit, carbs and proteins. (I’m talking about non-starchy veggies here, potatoes shouldn’t be included in this category).
    3. Move more.
      This will depend a lot on your current activity and fitness level but if you have a body or fitness transformation goal, you’ll want to boost your activity & exercise.6 days per week: 3 days higher intensity for lower duration (15 minutes), 3 days lower intensity but longer duration (30 minutes).Note that lower intensity still means that you can feel an elevated heart rate.

Mistake #2 – Thinking that there is a “BEST” plan to get THERE.

Seriously, What’s best anyway?

A instead of B, and X instead of Z and C&D done together or P&Q done on opposite days?

Yes, fitness planning based on sound conditioning, strength, fat loss and exercise principles will deliver better, safer, faster results than a willy-nilly bunch of favourite moves crammed into your workout du jour (totally appropriate to use that since French is my first language).

That’s what a good coach is for (which is way better than that photoshopped hottie in the latest fitness magazine).

But unless you have specific goals and have achieved a solid foundation of general physical preparedness (GPP), then ANY exercise you choose will be of some benefit.

Sure some will be better than others – kettlebell swings will beat a jog in the park any day – but really, don’t get bogged down by the details rather than just do SOMETHING.

Analysis paralysis is the nemesis of achievement. 

By all means, keep learning if you are interested, but act first, refine later.

If you’re still unsure, just stick with these 3 moves…

      • Kettlebell swings (hardstyle, all hand variations)
      • Push ups (elevated or on the floor)
      • Burpees (low or high intensity)


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Mistake #3 – Not committing until you find the unicorn (spoiler alert… Unicorns aren’t REAL).

Here’s some harsh advice…

The only bad road is the one you don’t take

The only bad road is the one you don’t take
-Martine Kerr


Reasons. Rationalizations. Explanations. Justifications. Defenses. Apologies. Excuses.

Recognize that NOT acting today is still your CHOICE.

Those who wait for things to be perfect spend more time on the INACTION side of the fence rather than the ACTION side.

If you’ve decided that the side of ACTION is important to you, then rather than find excuse not to move towards it, find solutions how to get there.

Come to the acceptance that your action won’t always be perfect. But we’re not going after perfect. We’re going after realistic. Fail forward, learn from your mistakes and keep taking MASSIVE ACTION.

Each step towards your THERE is closer than doing nothing.

Commit to ACTION everyday.

Hopefully, I’ve convinced you that getting fit doesn’t need to feel like rocket science. It is deceptively simple, though not always easy – especially to keep at it consistently.

Consider the alternative.

Keep doing what you’ve always done and stay where you are now or, possibly, start sliding downhill.

The choices are no one else’s but yours and so are the results.

Drink more water, eat more vegetables and move more. Simple, doable advice.

Do it for 3 weeks and let me know how you feel.

Don’t whine if you get bored or if you don’t get results if you aren’t putting in the work.

I’m sorry, but I’m not here for your entertainment nor to validate your excuses.

I’m a no BS, tough love kind of a coach.

I am the coach you need to kick you in the pants to help you get to the THERE that you decided was important to you.

Martine Kerr, SFG-TL - Dubai, UAE

With over 20 years of fitness industry experience, Martine has designed and delivered thousands of training programs for individuals and groups, helping all sorts of clients progress towards their health and fitness objectives.

Mac lover, instagrammer, video nerd, photoshop geek, graphic artist, MBA, marketing strategist, branding consultant, investment advisor, financial analyst, spreadsheet junkie, permanent student, strength, conditioning, movement, fitness & nutrition coach and kettlebell convert. In a nutshell, that’s Martine, indulging both right and left brains, balancing obsessive compulsion and attention deficit tendencies, striving for knowledge and improvement, practicing what she teaches and loving every bit of it.

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