Amplify Your Anabolic Hormones

The really great thing about your body is it has all the solutions you need for pretty much any problem.

For example, when you get sick, you run a temperature. It’s your body’s way of killing off the intruders.

In the same way, the solution to combating the increase in your body’s stress hormones is to actively seek to amplify your anabolic hormones, namely testosterone and growth hormone.

TESTOSTERONE: Keeping Your Sex Drive Alive

Yes, testosterone is the male sex hormone. It is responsible for making a man, well, a man.

It gives men bigger muscles and a strong sex drive plus helps keep us lean.

But more importantly (and this goes for BOTH sexes), Testosterone actively reverses the symptoms of stress.

Testosterone helps…

  • Improve your ability to think and remember.
  • Restore and maintain your sex drive and sexual fulfillment
  • Maintain liver function. Your liver is where your body burns fat. Poor liver function = minimal fat loss
  • Decrease the risk of heart attack
  • Improve your mental ability to make decisions and be confident

Arguably and most importantly, testosterone –

Counters and reverses the effects of too much cortisol (it decreases belly fat in both sexes and manboobs in men).

GROWTH HORMONE: Your Own Personal Fountain of Youth

Growth Hormone (also known as “Human Growth Hormone”, “GH” or “HGH”) is the hormone that’s responsible for, well, growth. But more importantly, recovery.

Growth Hormone helps…

  • Retain and grow new muscle
  • Enhance your ability to burn fat both during exercise and at rest
  • Increase your ability eat carbohydrates by balancing and counteracting levels of insulin in your body
  • Reverses the aging process by decreasing the damage done by free radicals

And the reason these two hormones are important to you is because you can actually reverse the effects of stress and therefore reverse stress hormones by performing specific types of short duration structured kettlebell workouts.

On the next page, I’ll show you The Fastest, Easiest Way To Start Amplifying Your Anabolic Hormones…


Points to Remember…

  • Training longer than 45-minutes can sabotage your progress by disrupting your body’s ability to recover by increasing your stress hormones
  • RESEARCH PROVES that actually doing less can get you the same or better results that doing 3x more.
  • It’s not about how much work you can do… it’s about how much work you can RECOVER from.