Programs - Kettlebell Training and Kettlebell Workouts


Kettlebell Strong

The definitive guide to Double Kettlebell Training written by one of the Greatest Kettlebell Master Instructors EVER. This Manual & DVD set is so good that Pavel Tsatsouline based elements of this program off his SFG2 Certification.



Swing Logic

This is, hands down, the SIMPLEST and most effective Fat Loss Program you’ll ever do…. EVER.





Kettlebell Evolution

A 16-Week Advanced Fat Loss Program that focuses on strength training with ONE Kettlebell and caloric manipulation to induce fat loss. Includes a whole package of bonuses and extras.




Kettlebell Finishers

41 Kettlebell Finishers that you can use both at the end of your workouts OR as stand alone workouts to help burn fat and build muscle.




Kettlebell Express

Hack Into Your ‘Hormonal Hardwiring’ And Make Faster Progress In Strength,Fat Loss, And Conditioning With 49 Scientifically Proven Time- Efficient Kettlebell Workout Programs



More Kettlebell Muscle

The Fastest, Simplest Way To Strip Off Up To 3 Pounds Of Unwanted Fat Each Week Using Nothing More Than A Pair Of Kettlebells



Kettlebell Burn 2.0

If you’ve wanted an EXACT plan to strip off that spare tire, those lovehandles or saddlebags – then you’ve come to the right place




Kettlebell Burn Extreme

A 4-week “SHOCK CYCLE” fat loss program that uses the perfect combination of double kettlebell ballistics & grinds in a 6-day-per week program.