QnA: The BEST Adjustable Kettlebell

I’m a self-proclaimed minimalist (as you may know).

And that holds true in every aspect of my life…

…even in my training.

Invest in GOOD QUALITY necessities so that you don’t waste your money and time replacing crappy things.

Because of that, there’s really only ONE KIND of kettlebell that I buy now.

What company do I purchase my KBs from?

I’ll let you know in a second.

First, take a look at my “minimalist” gym…

adjustable kettlebell

  • One kettlebell (a 24kg).
  • A set of Gymnastics Rings.
  • Open Space.

    (That’s my wife doing lessons with our son – we homeschool our kids).

There is a myriad of things that you can do with this set up.

Why would anyone need more?

Which brings me to a question from one of my subscribers in Singapore…


Given my budget, would an adjustable Kettlebell be the best bang for my buck? 
Thank you! Really appreciate your advice!
Warm regards,
Hsiaoyun Chin

Hi Hsiaoyun, 

Great question!  I get this all the time.

Here are my thoughts…

Great question!  I get this all the time.
Here are my thoughts…
Short Answer: 

I don’t like them and would never use them myself.
Long Explanation: 

First, adjustable kettlebells are dangerous.
Remember that an aspect of kettlebell training is explosive in nature.
Shoot, we even call them “ballistics”.
So if you’re swinging or worse yet, snatching, an adjustable kettlebell… 

– with all it’s moving parts – 

…and you just happen to forget to put the locking pin in, you could be looking at broken windows, broken doors…

…or worse broken limbs or broken faces.

If you have kids or valuables in your house and you’re on a legitimate kettlebell program, I implore you, DO NOT use an adjustable kettlebell.
My 2nd point below will explain why…
Kettlebell training – the way I teach it at least – is about MASTERY.
And mastery is about becoming proficient at an exercise with a specific weight…
…it’s about “owning” that weight.
This is why I’m a HUGE proponent of buying one GOOD QUALITY kettlebell and mastering it 

(there’s only ONE COMPANY that I recommend you buy your kettlebells from, btw).

Think about this…
If you’re a rank beginner male and you invest in a 16kg kettlebell that you can only press once, think about how much stronger you would be in a year’s time if you could press that sucker 8 or 10 times.
Say you can only swing that 16kg for 5 perfect reps before your form breaks down (and thus would have to put the kettlebell down after 5 reps so you don’t engrain a bad swing pattern)…
How badass would you be if you kept consistent with your training and you’re now doing sets of 20 PERFECT swings with that same kettlebell.
How much leaner would you be?
How much stronger and how much more muscle would you have if you went from only being able to press it once, to doing multiple sets of 8-10?
What if you could do sets of 20 1-arm swings with that kettlebell?
What about sets of 20 snatches?
Dan John, one of my favourite strength coaches & mentors, is also an Elite Masters Highland Games competitor (it’s like a Strongman Competition but with even “odder” objects – like carrying a 20-foot log vertically and then attempting to toss it end over end).
Dan is famous in the strength community for saying this…
“With this 24kg kettlebell in my bedroom, I can prepare myself for Nationals”
The point is, when it comes to kettlebell training, there are so many other variables aside from the weight of your kettlebell (the load) that you can manipulate to get the desired result.

You can increase the reps.

You can increase the sets.

You can decrease the time it takes you to perform a specific workout.

You can turn that kettlebell upside down – go BOTTOMS UP (for your grinds only) – for an even bigger challenge of stability and control.

Remember, this isn’t regular “gym” training.

There’s more to training than just being able to add 2.5lbs to the bar every week.

Don’t get caught up with only one variable.

Train for MASTERY.

You don’t need an adjustable kettlebell.

You just need ONE GOOD ONE (and there’s only one company that I trust to provide the best quality KBs).

But I’m running out of time, so I’ll get back to you about that on Monday.


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