Lose Fat and Build Muscle & Strength At The Same Time

The Single Kettlebell ReCOMP Program is a 12-Week Minimalist Full Body Strength Training Program that uses one single kettlebell.

The ReCOMP Program is a higher intensity program that uses ADVANCED “Quasi-Ballistic” kettlebell exercises to get both a higher calorie burn and a deeper stimulation of Fast Twitch Muscle Fibres.

Fast Twitch muscle – when stimulated properly – has the most potential for growth and has the highest energy demand (ie. Fast Twitch Muscle fibres burn the most calories).

The purpose of the ReCOMP Program is to train Fast Twitch Muscle in a higher intensity to create an environment in your body that will allow you to achieve “The Holy Grail of Fitness”: To Lose Fat & Build Muscle while Getting Stronger.


With the ReCOMP Program you will…

  • Lose Fat… specifically from the mid-section due to the systemic demand of the Single Kettlebell Exercises
  • Get Stronger… ALL kettlebell exercises (not to be confused with “exercises that you can do with a kettlebell”) build strength provided they are programmed correctly. With ReCOMP you will focus on correct technique using high tension AND maximum power to build strength
  • Build Muscle… in all the right places. Kettlebell Training allows the exerciser to build muscle in the shoulders, back and glutes primarily because of the nature of the way the kettlebell ballistics are performed with minimal muscular development occurring in the quads & thighs.
  • Become More ATHLETIC… because of the nature of the kettlebell ballistic exercises (swings, snatches, cleans & jerks) you will be able to move faster, jump higher and feel “lighter on your feet”
  • Develop incredible CARDIO… higher rep, high intensity kettlebell ballistics will work your anaerobic energy system allowing you to develop the work capacity and power endurance needed for long activities.

Most fitness programs take a MAXIMALIST approach to training where several exercises are used per body part to stimulate the body.

ReCOMP uses my Minimalist Programming Style that treats the body as a single UNIT.

Because the body moves as a unit, we can train the body and cover EVERY MUSCLE GROUP by training Movement Patterns.

With ReCOMP, we use exercises that train multiple movement patterns AT THE SAME TIME.

These are FULL BODY EXPLOSIVE Exercises that use the Fast Twitch musculature.

Because of the explosive nature of the exercises, your training time is cut down significantly – so you’ll save time in your busy day.

Are you ready to get started with ReCOMP?


Lose Fat and Gain Muscle & Strength at the same time


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