Kettlebell Swing 101:
"It's a HINGE, not a Squat"

The biggest mistake when it comes to swinging a kettlebell is “squatting your swing”.

The KETTLEBELL SWING is a hinge (not a squat)…

kettlebell workouts 1


  • maximum HIP flexion
  • minimal KNEE flexion (only as much as needed)
  • vertical spine, chest up
  • spine and shin are parallel


  • maximum HIP flexion
  • maximum KNEE flexion
  • spine and shin are almost perpendicular

So when you are learning how to swing, the most important thing is to know the difference between the two.

In this drill, I teach you the “Waiter’s Bow” which teaches you how to load your hips while hingeing.

I can’t stress how important this is. Learning how to hinge properly – aside from teaching you how to maximally develop power from your posterior chain (your glutes & hamstrings) – will teach you how to NOT use your back when bending forward.

This is a MUST for anyone wanting to bulletproof their back.

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