Training 3x Per Week Isn’t Enough Anymore

This past weekend I was in Denver, Colorado speaking at a Personal Trainer’s conference.

The topic of my presentation was “Everyday Strength: DAILY”…


“How to develop the habit of strength with your clients everyday”….

There’s a growing opinion out there right now that says even if you do the prescribed 30 minutes of exercise, 2-3 times per week…

…That still isn’t enough to combat 8-10 hours of sitting.*

So my talk was about the development of a daily practice of strength.

It was about how your 3x per week kettlebell workouts aren’t enough if you’re just sitting on your keister at work and then getting back on it when you get home to watch Game of Thrones (or whatever the kids are watching today).

So I talked about how you can implement strategies – in just 12 minutes per day – that will allow you to build strength, increase mobility in joints and get rid of those “creakies” that you wake up with every morning.

Remember, our training must help us support an already active lifestyle and NOT give us the only means of an active lifestyle.

So doing something everyday allows us to actually live an active life and not just rely on our 3x week kettlebell workouts.

Yes, you are busy.

Yes, you have responsibilities.

Yes, you may think that you don’t have time.

But making time for 10-12 minutes of movement…

-going for a ruck (walking with a heavy backpack on)
-doing some easy kettlebell swings
-crawling (leopard, spiderman, baby or a comination of all 3)
-doing get-ups with a light kettlebell
-doing some yoga flow or sun salutations
-doing some rocking push-ups
-do sprints while you’re walking the dog

…Is really all you need to just make sure that you’re doing something everyday and in turn…


Make it part of your morning routine – we all can train ourselves to get up 10-15 minutes earlier.

When you get up in the morning, drink a big glass of water and then start brewing your coffee.

Then do your “Everyday Strength: DAILY” practice for 10-12 minutes.

When you’re done, you’ll have a fresh cup of coffee waiting for you!

Then on the weekend, spend time with family being active…

-go for hikes
-take them on bike rides
-warm-up for their soccer game by getting on the pitch by kicking the ball around with them
-join a rec league for your favourite sport

Anything goes really, as long as you’re active and your kids see you being active (because it will build the habit in them as well).

OK, get on it.

Take some action and develop your “Everyday Strength: DAILY” practice.

trainingAND If you want a structured Daily Strength Practice that you can do at home, check out my Swing Logic Program.

Swings are the BEST way to combat hours & hours of sitting all day and Swing Logic will progress you logically (hence the name) so that you build strength and conditioning without getting hurt or burning you out.

Check it out HERE.



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