Lesson 3 – LOADING: The Dip

The Dip is the phase in the Push Press or Jerk where you create potential energy and momentum to push the kettlebell overhead.

Remember our overhead “hierarchy”…

A weight that you cannot Press, you can usually PUSH Press.

And a weight that you cannot Push Press, you can usually JERK.

So the DIP is the phase where you “load” your body and create momentum in your legs to drive the kettlebell.

The most important element of the dip is the ability to MAINTAIN YOUR CYLINDER.

If you lose tension in your cylinder, you’ll lose potential energy in the rest of your body and your Push Press or Jerk will not be as strong.

To perform the DIP…

  1.  You will bend and open your knees slightly while the kettlebell is in the rack.  You must keep your body upright (DO NOT bend forward)… keep your body vertical.
  2. Then, forcefully lockout your knees and squeeze your butt.

You’ll notice that the kettlebell, momentarily, will become weightless and will start to float up vertically.

Whereas in the snatch you use the momentum and energy of a powerful hip snap to create “float” in the kettlebell…

…In the Push Press and Jerk you don’t have that “luxury” so you must generate that energy in your quads WHILE keeping your upper body vertical.

I liken this to the motion of a piston cylinder moving perfectly vertical up and down.

Practice the DIP and see how high you can make the kettlebell “float” from the rack position.

Do several sets of 5 of the “Clean + Dip” and see how high you can “float” the kettlebell.