Lesson 7 – BONUS: How To Grip The Kettlebell For the Jerk

Because the LCCJ lends itself to higher repetitions, we must incorporate a couple grip technique modifications in order to…

  1. Save our grip.

    Higher reps means more demand on our hands and grip.  In big exercises like the LCCJ, the smaller muscle groups will tend to fatigue first.

    By modifying your grip, you prevent the muscles in your hands and forearms from being the “limiting factor” muscles.

  2. Save our hands. 

    Lots of reps means the potential for the kettlebell to chafe and cause friction between the handle and our hands.

    Learning this grip technique will prevent torn callouses and “blood bubbles” from hindering your training.

In the video below, I show you the grip modification that I’d like you to make…